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The BitaxeHex is currently a prototype concept and is hardly under development.


What is this?

The BitaxeHex features all core concepts of it’s previous versions and combines the power of four ASIC chips onto one hashboard.

It’s current development features a hashrate of roughly 2.7 ~ 3 TH/s at a wall power consumption of roughly about 60 watts.

🛠️ Hardware

The BM1366 is a undocumented SHA256 mining ASIC from Bitmain. It’s mostly used in the Antminer S19XP. Bitmain claims the BM1366 has 0.021J/GH efficiency

🖥️ Screens


The BitaxeHex will feature a bigger screen than the current i2c screen which is build into it.

⚙️ Guide