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What is this?

Supra is the 4th major revision of the bitaxe that now includes the BM1368 ASIC from the Antminer S21

🛠️ Hardware

  • The BM1368 is a undocumented SHA256 mining ASIC from Bitmain. It’s used in the Antminer S21
  • Bitmain claims the BM1368 has 17.5 J/TH efficiency
  • The BM1368 is brand new and isn’t available anywhere yet.
  • The BM1368 has a different footprint and pinout from the BM1366, BM1397 and BM1387 in previous bitaxe.


  1. Building your Software

    • You can build your own binary files from the source code. For more details follow this Build-Guide.
  2. Using a prebuild

    • Every Bitaxe is controlled by the open source available ESP-Miner software. It features a WebUi for user friendly usage and controlablility.
    • In this repository you will also find a releases page that will contain prebuild binary files to flash to your Bitaxe using the Bitaxetool created by johnny9.
  3. Flashing Process

    • The ESP-Miner Software can be flashed via a USB cable onto the Bitaxe. Therefore you need to follow the initial Guide in the repository.