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Bitaxe API Endpoints

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The Bitaxe features the following endpoints:

example api endpoint http://bitaxe-ip/api/system/info


/api/system/info /api/swarm/info







General Information about the Bitaxe can be gathered using the /api/system/info which will display you with some information as follows:

"power": 58.35174560546875,
"voltage": 11906.25,
"current": 16281.25,
"fanSpeed": 0,
"temp": 58,
"boardtemp1": 30,
"boardtemp2": 48,
"hashRate": 2372.7583341893742,
"bestDiff": "4.29G",
"freeHeap": 178368,
"coreVoltage": 1200,
"coreVoltageActual": 1194,
"frequency": 525,
"ssid": "Haus1",
"wifiStatus": "Connected!",
"sharesAccepted": 19739,
"sharesRejected": 0,
"uptimeSeconds": 212115,
"ASICModel": "BM1366",
"stratumURL": "",
"stratumPort": 2018,
"stratumUser": "test.hex",
"version": "v2.0.7-48-ge561f60",
"boardVersion": "302",
"runningPartition": "factory",
"flipscreen": 1,
"invertscreen": 0,
"invertfanpolarity": 1,
"autofanspeed": 0,
"fanspeed": 35

With POST command is it possible to restart the Bitaxe:

example: curl -X POST http://bitaxeip/api/system/restart

The PATCH functionallity allows it to change settings on the Bitaxe.

Some settings still require a restart but changing the fanspeed can be achieve live:

curl -X PATCH http://yourbitaxe/api/system \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"fanspeed": "desired_speed_value"}'