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Qaxe is a quad-BM1366 Miner based on the PiAxe and BitAxe. Qaxe

The Qaxe is an innovative quad-BM1366 miner, deriving its design from the PiAxe and BitAxe projects. It represents a significant step forward in ASIC Bitcoin mining technology, offering enhanced performance and efficiency. Here’s a brief overview based on the information available on its GitHub repository:

Key features and Specifications

  • ASICs: Utilizes four BM1366 ASICs, providing a robust mining solution.
  • Revisions:
    • rev1: is tested and operating at about 1.8TH/s average speed.
    • rev2: working fine with the expected speed of ~1.8TH/s avg after some minor modifications (330µF caps are wrongly placed, see rev3)
    • rev3: Fixed Caps placement and added Boot-Switch. It should put the STM32 into DFU bootloader but not tested yet.
  • Installation: For programming/debugging, the Picoprobe firmware running on a Raspberry Pi Pico is recommended. Additionally, a simple, low-cost board facilitates flashing the Qaxe.
  • Compiling and Installing via CMSIS-DAP: Detailed instructions are provided for flashing using the CMSIS-DAP adapter, including steps for installing necessary tools like curl and Rust, cloning the repository, initializing submodules, and building and running the firmware.

Mining Client

The Qaxe Mining Client software is a advanced modified version of the origional pyminer and now been called piaxe-miner. This Python based software features the underlying process of the mining process on the PiAxe and the QAxe.